Vama is a cooperative social enterprise that offers education, training, and support to people who crave a fairer, safer, greener world.

What We Do

Striving to Make a Difference

Enterprising Opportunities

We not only want to share important information regarding freedom, peace, and prosperity, we want to challenge these current systems by discussing and creating solutions through micro-cooperative enterprise and powerful campaigns. Start-ups who complete our intensive training period will then be coupled with a mentor organisation that supports their growth over a six month period.

Passion for Prosperity

We align with and support people who also have a passion for enhancing human wellbeing, resilience, community cohesion and environmental stewardship. The purpose of your venture should be to help enhance prosperity for local people, which is why every cooperative has an adjoining association made up of people who want to collectively solve issues.

Cooperation is Key

Vama retains access to a portion each cooperative’s resources, which can be used to invest in renewable energy, localised food production, education, healthcare, and physical infrastructure. Our associations are given support on a local level by learning how to create powerful campaigns that fight against macro-economic and social policies that are causing the larger problems.

Why We Do It

Caring Starts Here

We Need Your Help

Our current system of endless growth economics, unaccountable politics reinforced by big business, and an apathetic, uninformed population, are all pushing our environmental limits to its breaking point, threatening the very life support systems that we need to survive. With inequality at an all-time high, active participation is necessary for the future of human and planet success.

Empowering Change

Vama’s creation exists to help empower people to make the change they want to see in the world. Together, we are enlivening the hearts and minds of people worldwide who want to live in a fairer, safer, greener world. It is our mission to give them the tools to succeed.

Our Cooperatives

Water Kefir Co.

Water Kefir Co. is a growing cooperative business that produces water kefir, an ancient, probiotic health drink that keeps your gut healthy, boosts your metabolism, and strengthens your immune system.

Water kefir is a magnificent source of beneficial bacteria which contains a variety of enzymes and organic acids, and a range of B vitamins, such as B12, vitamin K and folic acid; all which make it particularly beneficial to vegans and vegetarians.

Not only does Water Kefir provide your body much needed nutrients and vitamins, but it’s produced and distributed using renewable energy, emitting zero-emissions. What’s more, it’s further flavoured using organic, locally-sourced fruits and vegetables for a delicious taste.

To continue making a full-circle contribution, Water Kefir Co. utilizes a unique recycling system whereby we collect our glass bottles from local pubs in the area, sterilize them in accordance with national health and safety standards, and use them to bottle our water kefir.

This cuts down on recycling costs for other local businesses, reduces the energy needed to recycle these bottles, and reminds people of this sustainable practice that still takes place in many parts of the world.

Who We Are

Doing Our Part

Vama was founded by Leandro Allonso and Ashleigh Brown, two friends who saw injustices at every corner and felt compelled to do something to create positive change.



Co-founder/director. Leandro is a Social Enterprise Researcher & Consultant at Gordon Square Group, an academic working group from Institute of Education, UCL, with interests and studies in the areas of politics, economics, business, marketing and general subjects related to understand our social chaos and develop community-based solutions to alleviate the negatives effects caused by our unbalanced society.



Co-founder/director. Ashleigh has worked in education and training projects all over the world, including England, France, Laos, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, South Sudan and Uganda. As the training developer for AltGen, the youth arm of Cooperatives UK, she personally facilitated the training of five start-up cooperative businesses. She too wakes up each morning with a desire to stimulate positive change in the short time frame that climate science has predicted. Vama is the first social enterprise she has founded, and hopes that its success will propel others to do the same.



Head of Communications. Sarah is a designer with a particular focus on projects based in the developing world. She worked as an art director in Indonesia, and spent two years in Laos where she helped a young café thrive through her visual marketing skills and business training. She is now founding Mango Sticky, a social enterprise clothing label which invests in microfinance-supported businesses.